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Hey there! We’re so glad you landed here and are considering Junk Monkeys for your junk removal, demo, or dumpster rental needs! 

First and foremost, let us welcome you to the family! Is that weird, welcoming you to the family?! We hope not because that’s really what we want to be here – family! 

Our customers and community are always number #1 for us and we can’t wait to serve YOU! 


Meet Rick Bentley, founder of Junk Monkeys. Also frequently known as Marverick’s bestie, ha! 

In all seriousness, Rick started Junk Monkeys in 2018 as an evening and weekend side hustle. He’d borrow a trailer from his dad’s demolition company and have to have it returned by the time his crews were back to work on Monday mornings. 

But as Rick’s family grew, so did his side hustle and after two years of long nights and weekends, he took Junk Monkeys full time. Because of his strong company values, and focused on the customer first, this small but mighty company has been growing ever since! 

Having been in the industry alongside his dad for 12+ years, Rick prides himself on high-quality work: having the cleanest trucks, friendly and professional staff, and personally making sure every person touched by his business has a top-notch experience. 

When asking Rick why he keeps the business going his answer was simple, “I enjoy helping those in my community. I used to define success by money but now, I get a thrill out of helping others. The positive feedback and reviews are what keep me going!”


OUR TEAMMeet Maverick and his Troop of Junk Hauling Professionals!


Owner & FounderRicky Bentley


Junk Removal SpecialistBryon Mitchum


Admin and Customer Service DirectorCindy Bentley


Junk Removal SpecialistAndrew Poff


Junk Removal SpecialistMalachi Rineholt

Ricky Bentley

WHY CHOOSE JUNK MONKEYSTrusted Professionals

When it comes to getting rid of some unwanted items around your house or business, you have many options. We totally get this. There are so many truck rentals and junk removal/dumpster companies — finding an option isn’t the hard part.

That said, when seeking someone to help you with a task that involves your home/property or business, you want to make sure that whoever you hire is honest, reliable, and trustworthy.

Here at Junk Monkey’s, we promise to be all those things and MORE!



junk monkey shaking hands with a happy client

Serving Our Community

We’ve been in business for quite a bit now, and we plan to be here for the “long haul”. (See what we did there, ha!) 

This is why being committed to the communities we serve is super important to us. 

It’s integral for us to be more than just a junk removal/hauling company. We want to make people in the communities we serve happy in the process. 

We’re all from the same troop after all, our goal is to leave everyone with a smile on their face! 

Your Needs Are Our Needs

Every business & home is unique, and every person has their own thoughts and expectations. 

This is why our team is trained to understand exactly what our clients want prior to beginning our work. 

Regardless of the reason for your junk removal, you can count on our team of professionally trained haulers to handle it with precision and care.

Our main focus is building strong and lasting relationships with our clients, we’re happy that so many of them reach out to us time and time again for additional services. 

They know they can always count on us for flexible, fair-priced, and professional services!

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